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Are you looking for the best Crypto Sports Betting apps? This guide is made for you! Since the creation of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, almost two decades ago, crypto payments have become increasingly popular. Cryptocurrencies are used for money transfers between individuals, for payments over the Internet, as well as for online trading activities. In this guide, we present you with the Best Crypto Gambling Sites and explore the bonuses, top betting markets, and the pros and cons of these platforms.

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Best Crypto Gambling Sites

Best Crypto Sports Betting Apps

We must live in tune with the times and move forward with the new opportunities that the 21st century offers us. Classic currencies like the USD or the EURO are gradually giving way to virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum that gain value every day on trading and exchange platforms.

Cryptocurrency and gambling markets have come together and allow cryptocurrency investors to play at online Bitcoin Betting Sites with their tokens. Now it is possible to deposit your money and withdraw your winnings in Bitcoins.

Our teams, specialists in online casinos but also in cryptocurrencies, have produced a Bitcoin sports betting app ranking for you to check out.

Reasons to Play Crypto Sports Betting Apps

If you are intrigued and considering using crypto sports betting apps for your next bet, a question may have crossed your mind: why should I consider betting with bitcoins rather than traditional currencies? Weighing the pros and cons, it is clear that Bitcoin Sports Betting offers many advantages. Here we share with you our findings after extensive tests:

Fast Transactions and Low Fees

Crypto Casino deposits and withdrawals are generally faster than traditional methods. It is not uncommon for crypto transactions to be instantaneous or take minutes, unlike bank transfers which can take several days. Transaction fees for cryptocurrencies are also much lower than those for credit cards or bank transfers. This means that you can save money on every deposit or withdrawal.

Fewer Restrictions Related to Geolocation

Crypto sports betting apps often face fewer geolocation restrictions compared to traditional online betting platforms. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized and not bound by the regulations of any single country, these apps can offer services to users in regions where online betting might face legal hurdles. This accessibility allows more people to participate in sports betting regardless of their location.

No Banks Involved

One of the main advantages of betting on crypto sports betting apps is anonymity. Unlike traditional casinos where each transaction can be tracked, crypto payments allow you to maintain a certain discretion. There’s no need to deal with transaction denials or lengthy processing times of your bank. It also eliminates the possibility of your betting transactions affecting your credit score or bank account standing. For bettors who prefer to keep their activity private, crypto betting is a huge advantage.

Modern Interface

Crypto sports betting apps are designed with the modern user in mind, featuring sleek, intuitive interfaces that enhance the betting experience. These apps prioritize user-friendliness, ensuring that even those new to sports betting or cryptocurrencies can navigate the platform with ease. On some platforms, the contemporary design is complemented by advanced features like live betting, detailed analytics, and personalized recommendations, great for today’s tech-savvy bettors.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount in the world of online betting. Cryptocurrencies use advanced encryption technology, making transactions secure. Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are encrypted and virtually impossible to hack. In addition, the risks of fraud or identity theft are reduced because these apps often require minimal personal information. So, users can bet anonymously without worrying about their data being compromised. This level of security and privacy makes crypto sports betting apps a safe choice for bettors.

Bitcoin Sports Betting offers

Available Sports at Crypto Sports Betting Apps

Crypto Betting Sites are known for their diverse gambling portfolio and they often offer odds on more than 30 sports. However, there are always some sports that are popular or on the rise among gamblers. Below we have listed the most popular sports to bet on at crypto sports betting apps.

Football (Soccer)

The most popular sport on crypto sports betting sites is football betting. This is because the sport is played all over the world, Crypto Betting sites offer many bonuses and promotions on this sport and there are football matches on almost every day that you can bet on.

Major leagues and tournaments in football include:

  • UEFA Champions League: This is the pinnacle of European club football, where the continent’s top teams compete. This prestigious tournament is a favorite among bettors thanks to its popularity and high stakes.
  • English Premier League (EPL): EPL is known for its intense competition and worldwide fanbase that offers numerous betting opportunities throughout its season.
  • FIFA World Cup: The World Cup is held every four years and showcases fierce competition of football teams from around the world to determine the world champion. This tournament draws massive international betting interest with many betting options.
  • UEFA European Championship: This is another major international tournament featuring Europe’s national teams competing for the continental title. It’s known for upsets and thrilling matches between top teams, creating a good reason for bettors to bet on their strategical favorites.
  • La Liga: La Liga is Spain’s top football league that features world-renowned clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. This league is known for high-scoring games and top-tier talent.
  • Serie A: Italy’s premier football league Serie A is characterized by tactical gameplay and historic clubs, and offers great betting opportunities for bettors who like to diversify their betting portfolio.
  • Bundesliga: Germany’s top league is Bundesliga. German teams adopt an offensive play style and this makes for an engaging betting experience.

American Football

American Football is a prime choice for bettors, not just in the USA but worldwide. The biggest event in American Football is of course the Super Bowl. The NFL season, leading up to the Super Bowl, presents numerous betting opportunities, from match outcomes to player performance stats. Due to the growing popularity of the sport, it is also possible to bet on the NFL on crypto sports betting sites. However, if you want to watch the matches live, you should keep in mind that they are often broadcast at night!

College football, particularly the NCAA, also attracts significant betting interest, with the College Football Playoff being a highlight.


In America, basketball is one of the most popular sports to bet on, even more than football or American Football. This is not the case around the world but the popularity of betting on basketball should not be underestimated. This sport usually comes second or third among the most popular sports to bet on crypto bookmakers. Basketball betting thrives on its fast-paced action and scoring dynamics, with the NBA leading as the most bet-on league. In addition, odds for many basketball competitions are available on crypto sports betting sites. Here we listed a few of them:

  • NBA: The premier professional basketball league in the world, might have already been familiar to you. NBA offers a long season with plentiful betting opportunities.
  • NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (March Madness): This is an annual college basketball tournament that captivates the U.S. bettors’ hearts. NCAA matches are known for their “anything can happen” nature.
  • EuroLeague: Europe’s top club basketball competition is the EuroLeague and it is of course more popular in this continent.
  • FIBA World Cup: FIBA World Cup is the international championship for national basketball teams. This tournament is organized every four years and hosts the top teams from around the world.


With new talents emerging among men and women worldwide, betting on tennis has become a lot more popular. Where previously you could only bet on the larger tournaments such as Roland Garros and the US Open, the smaller tournaments are now also available on crypto betting sites. This makes betting on tennis much more interesting. Tennis offers a plethora of betting opportunities throughout the year, spanning from the grand slams to ATP and WTA tours.

  • Wimbledon: The oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is known for its strict dress code and grass courts. Betting on this prestigious event covers match winners, set scores, and more.
  • US Open: Held annually in New York, the US Open is famous for its hard courts and night matches. Bettors can wager on a variety of outcomes, including match winners and total games played.
  • Australian Open: Known for its high temperatures and hard courts, the Australian Open offers bettors the chance to start the year with exciting tennis betting opportunities.
  • French Open (Roland Garros): The only grand slam played on clay courts, offering a unique challenge for players and diverse betting options for punters, especially on endurance and long rallies.

Formula 1

Betting on F1 is very interesting for crypto gamblers, partly due to the high odds and the success of their favourite racers. At several major crypto betting sites, you get nice bonuses, and extra promotions are offered for Formula 1 so that you as a gambler, benefit from higher winnings. Here are some of the top F1 races to follow:

  • Monaco Grand Prix: One of the most prestigious automobile races in the world, known for its challenging street circuit. Betting focuses on race winners, podium finishes, and fastest laps.
  • Italian Grand Prix (Monza): Famous for its high speeds and passionate fans, Monza presents bettors with opportunities to bet on qualifiers, race winners, and constructor championships.
  • British Grand Prix (Silverstone): Offering a mix of fast corners and competitive racing, Silverstone is a favourite for live betting on position changes and pit strategies.


Baseball betting is popular in many countries, especially in the USA and Japan, with Major League Baseball (MLB) leading the charge.

  • MLB: The premier baseball league in the United States offers a long season with numerous games, making it ideal for regular betting on game outcomes, run totals, and player performances.
  • Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB): Japan’s top-tier baseball league, known for its passionate fans and high-level competition. Betting options include game winners, over/under scores, and individual awards.
  • World Baseball Classic: An international tournament featuring teams from around the world. Bettors can wager on outright winners, group stages, and individual games, taking advantage of the diverse talent pool.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a dynamic and exciting sport that is perfect for crypto sports betting. Two teams, each with six players, try to score by shooting the puck into the other team’s goal. For this, they use sticks, with which they shoot or pass the puck. The team with the most goals at the end of the match, often played in three 20-minute periods, wins. This offers numerous opportunities for betting on ice hockey on crypto sports betting sites. You can bet on the major hockey leagues and tournaments including:

  • NHL (National Hockey League): The premier professional ice hockey league is the North American NHL. This league offers intense matchups and the Stanley Cup playoffs.
  • KHL (Kontinental Hockey League): Featuring clubs from Russia and neighboring countries play in the KHL. This league is known for its high level of play and international stars.
  • IIHF World Championship: The world championship of Ice Hockey is hosted by the International Ice Hockey Federation. This is where national teams compete against each other.
  • Olympic Ice Hockey: This competition is a part of the Winter Olympic Games. Here top talents from around the globe compete for national pride.

Crypto betting sites usually offer bets on various aspects of the matches during the most popular ice hockey competitions. The betting options include the winner, the number of goals, or individual players’ performances. Betting on ice hockey adds that little bit of extra excitement for viewers, but also offers the opportunity to learn more about the sport.

Horse Racing

A sport that requires a lot of specific knowledge and interest is betting on horse racing. Betting on horse racing is popular worldwide. Not only can you do this online on crypto betting sites, but many people even make a day of it by going to the horse racing track. You’ll find the following horse racing events at most bookmakers:

  • Kentucky Derby: Often referred to as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” the Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the American Triple Crown. It’s famous for its vibrant atmosphere and high-stakes betting.
  • Royal Ascot: Held in the UK, Royal Ascot is synonymous with tradition and elegance. It draws the finest racehorses and offers a variety of betting options, making it a highlight in the horse racing calendar.
  • Melbourne Cup: Known as “the race that stops a nation,” the Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most prestigious thoroughbred horse race. It’s celebrated for its competitive field and lucrative betting opportunities.


Betting on eSports has become extremely popular in recent years, mainly due to live streaming and an enormous range of games with huge fan bases that are played on it. You should think of Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite, and DOTA. All these games pit professional teams against each other online, even organizing tournaments with millions of euros or dollars to win. This category is also available on crypto sports betting sites and features mostly the following games:

  • League of Legends (LoL): LoL tournaments, especially the World Championship, attract vast viewership. Betting focuses on match outcomes, individual map victories, and specific in-game achievements.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO): CS:GO Majors are renowned for their intense competition. Bettors often place wagers on round outcomes, total maps played, and first kills.
  • DOTA 2: The International is DOTA 2’s premier tournament, featuring a massive prize pool. Betting includes predictions on match winners, total kills, and first-to-achieve objectives.

Martial Arts

Martial arts betting offers a dynamic range of combat sports, each with its unique betting considerations. MMA is the most popular among them and the UFC is known as the largest MMA competition provider in the world. They offer new events almost every week that you can bet on as an online gambler, including UFC 287. These events regularly involve fighting for the title, which makes the fights exciting and ensures high odds. Popular martial arts to bet on crypto betting apps include:

  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA): The UFC and Bellator are leading organizations where fighters from various disciplines compete. Betting options include fight winners, fight duration, and specific method of finishes.
  • Boxing: Iconic for its title fights and knockout power. Bettors can wager on fight outcomes, round betting, and method of victory.
  • Kickboxing: Combines elements of boxing and karate for a striking-focused combat sport. Bets often focus on the winner, the method of victory, and the total rounds.

How To Bet on Sports at Crypto & Bitcoin Sports Betting Apps?

To get started with crypto sports betting apps, we advise you to take our comprehensive guide into account to make the best choice for you. Look at the gambling license, the bonuses, the range of sports and betting options, and of course the availability of a mobile application.

Although these points can vary greatly from person to person, we share our experiences with the different crypto sports betting sites in our betting guides. Once you have chosen the right provider, it is time to create an account. Nothing to worry about – we have drawn up the step-by-step plan below for you!

Find A Reliable Sportsbook Site

First of all, you go to the website of the crypto betting site you have chosen via our ranking of the best bookmakers. Our top crypto betting sites are fully verified, so you can be sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy platform. In addition, we have assessed these bookmakers for various sports betting options, so you can be sure that you are making a good choice. To deposit money and start betting, you may need to create an account with the crypto betting site. But don’t worry. It only takes minutes to set up your account. To do this, click on ‘Register’ and go through the steps in the registration process.

Purchase Digital Currencies

Before diving into the betting action, acquiring cryptocurrency is necessary. Choose a reputable exchange platform to buy the digital currency that the sports betting app accepts. Understanding the basics of crypto transactions is essential, and luckily, numerous guides and resources are available to help newcomers. Once you’ve purchased your desired cryptocurrency, you’re ready to move to the next step.

Deposit Money to Your Sports Betting App Account

With your digital currency in hand, depositing into your sports betting app account is the next move. Navigate to the deposit section of the app, select cryptocurrency as your deposit method, and follow the instructions to transfer your funds. This process is typically swift, ensuring your funds are ready for use almost immediately.

Choose an Event to Bet on and Place Your Bets

Payment is made? Great! Then it’s time to select the match you want to bet on. To do this, open the menu on the crypto sports betting app and look for the sport you want to bet on. You then select the event or competition, after which you also select the match or player. On most betting apps, you get an overview of the most commonly used bet, namely Moneyline or a 1X2 bet. If you want more bets, you can browse the page and check out the odds. Then, select the option you want to bet on. A new screen will then open showing the sports bet. Here you enter the amount you want to bet and confirm the betting slip.

Withdraw Your Winnings

After the match, you naturally want to know whether your bet was actually successful. This is possible when the event has ended, but also when you have met the conditions. This is, for example, the case with a bet on ‘More than 2.5 goals’, where you get paid out if 3 goals have already been scored in the 60th minute. If you have secured a win, congratulations! You can easily withdraw your earnings. Head to the withdrawal section, choose cryptocurrency as your withdrawal method and specify the amount you wish to withdraw. The transfer of your winnings back to your crypto wallet is usually quick so you can enjoy your profits with minimal delay.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Crypto & Bitcoin Sports Betting App Bonuses

One of the biggest advantages of betting in crypto is the generosity of bonuses offered by the Best Bitcoin Casinos. These bonuses are designed to attract new bettors and encourage them to play sports betting on their platform. Here is a selection of the most popular bonuses on each crypto sports betting app.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome offer or welcome bonus is often the most generous on Bitcoin Gambling Sites. You will be able to benefit here as soon as you register on a casino site from a 100% bonus on one or more deposits allowing you to increase your stake.

Signup Bonuses

This free offer allows all players to try a Bitcoin Gambling App and their sports betting offer without depositing on the site. You will be able to benefit from different offers and amounts depending on the casinos. For example, you will be able to access €/$10 without a deposit offered upon registration. The no-deposit bonus allows you to bet for free and win up to a dedicated amount.

Reload Bonuses

To keep existing players engaged, crypto sports betting apps offer reload bonuses. This Crypto Casino Bonus rewards users for making subsequent deposits after the initial one, often with a percentage match. It’s a way to encourage ongoing participation and keep the betting momentum going.

Free Bets

Free bets are another common bonus on betting sites, granting users a risk-free opportunity to place a wager on specific events or games. Winning bets turn into real profits, minus the stake of the free bet, offering a great way to increase your bankroll without personal risk.

Loyalty Rewards

For the most dedicated bettors, loyalty rewards programs offer incremental benefits for continued play. Points accumulated through betting can be exchanged for bonuses, cash, or other perks, ensuring that every bet contributes to potential rewards.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses incentivize users to bring friends into the betting community. By referring new users to the platform, you can receive bonuses such as free bets, cash, or a percentage of your friend’s initial deposit, fostering a growing community of bettors.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Crypto Sports Betting

Crypto Gambling Sites have many advantages and make online gambling much more accessible for players around the world. View all the advantages and disadvantages of crypto sports betting below:


  • Anonymity: Crypto betting sites typically require less personal information, offering more privacy compared to traditional betting platforms. This means you can place bets without having to disclose sensitive personal details, enhancing your online security.
  • Fast Transactions: Deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies are usually faster than traditional banking methods. This speed ensures that bettors can access their winnings quickly and efficiently, without the lengthy waiting times associated with bank transfers or credit card payments.
  • Global Access: Cryptocurrencies are not bound by national borders, making crypto sports betting sites accessible to users worldwide. This global reach allows bettors from different countries to participate without the complications of currency conversion or international banking fees.
  • Potential for winnings: The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies means that the value of your winnings could increase over time. If the market value of the cryptocurrency you use for betting rises, so does the value of your winnings.


  • Volatility: The same volatility that can lead to appreciation can also work against bettors. The value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate wildly, which means the value of your deposits and winnings can significantly change in a short period.
  • Complexity: For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, the process of acquiring, storing, and using them for betting can be complex and daunting. This learning curve may deter some potential bettors from using crypto sports betting sites.
  • Limited Regulation: The Crypto Gambling industry is less regulated than traditional online gambling. While this can offer more freedom, it also means there’s a higher risk of encountering scams or untrustworthy operators.
  • Tax Implications: Depending on your country’s regulations, profits from crypto betting may be subject to taxes, and the responsibility of reporting these earnings lies with you as a player. Crypto taxes are a whole new area, and it can be complex to calculate and report your winnings from crypto betting.


  • How do Crypto Sports Betting Apps work?

    Crypto sports betting apps integrate blockchain technology to facilitate betting transactions with cryptocurrencies. Users can bet on sports outcomes, and winnings are paid out in the same cryptocurrency. These apps offer various sports and events, live betting options, and sometimes even live streaming of events.

  • How can I deposit cryptocurrency into these apps?

    To deposit cryptocurrency, you first need to have a wallet with the required crypto. Within the app, you’ll find a deposit option where you can select your preferred cryptocurrency. The app will provide an address to send your funds to from your wallet. Transactions are usually quick, depending on the blockchain’s speed and congestion.

  • Can I withdraw winnings in cryptocurrency?

    Yes, you can withdraw your winnings in the same cryptocurrency you used to deposit. Go to the withdrawal section of the app, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and provide your wallet address. Withdrawals typically undergo a processing period before being released.

  • Can I use fiat currency in these apps?

    Some crypto sports betting apps also support fiat currencies, allowing users to deposit and withdraw in traditional money using bank transfers, credit cards, or e-wallets. However, the app’s primary focus is on cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Are there any limits on betting amounts?

    Yes, most apps have minimum and maximum limits for deposits, withdrawals, and bets. These limits can vary significantly between apps and are often influenced by the cryptocurrency used, the event being bet on, and the user’s account level or verification status.

  • How do I know if a Crypto Sports Betting App is trustworthy?

    To assess a crypto betting app’s trustworthiness, you can look for several features:

    Licensing and regulation by reputable authorities.
    Positive reviews and feedback from the betting community.
    Transparent terms of service and privacy policies.
    Secure and encrypted transactions.
    Responsive customer support.
    Fair play certifications or audits by third parties.